Giving Back

I really enjoy watching the various TED Talks that are released to public. The concept of “Ideas Worth Sharing” that TED stands for is awe inspiring. I came upon this particular video of Rodney Mullen giving a talk to USC about innovation demonstrated by his years of experience and passion of skateboarding.

It’s interesting to reflect upon how different each of our paths may be but empowering to know that we all have common threads. By juxtaposing skateboarding and digital art I find the common string of creation and innovation is not so obscure.

I’ve always believed that working together is conducive to innovation. There are unlimited possibilities for us to interpret from what already exists, make it our own, make it better, make it different, and then give it back so we can together benefit from the contributions. As a result, the cycle repeats and continually evolves. Hearing this TED talk by Rodney Mullen has reinforced my beliefs and further inspired me to continue doing more and contributing more.

Therefore, as I had done in the past, I plan to give back to the artist community by sharing my workflow, art, and any tools that I use and/or create. With an onward march, I plan to use this new blog to do just that. And, in the meantime, feel free to check out my portfolio website of my works: