Influential Artists


I was recently asked as to which three artists have influenced me the most throughout the years. As you know, that kind of stuff can be hard to really narrow down to a curtailed list! Each artist is influenced by many other artists. There are too many to name them all, especially when thinking about an ‘artist’ outside of the traditional sense. These days, art can be realized through many mediums (whether it’s an athlete, a writer, or a mathematician). But I guess that would be a separate topic for discussion. nevertheless, I responded to that initial question naming the top three artist that stand out to me the most at this time: Camille Pissaro (impressionism), Frank Frazetta (fantasy art), and Zack Petroc (digital art).

Camille Pissaro:
I’ve always gravitated to Camille Pissaro’s art style of impressionism, which was revolutionary for its time, where he captures the ‘glimpse’ of nature in bold colors, yet simultaneously paints the simplest scenes, capturing a seemingly grand moment of time. What makes him stand out in my mind is his mastery of impressionism, but willingness to also transition into neo-impressionism and adapt with the changing artistic movement. Adaptability to various styles of art and constant evolution with technology is something I believe is important to all of us in the industry.

Frank Frazetta:
Frank Frazetta was an artist that captured action poses in a way that made it seem as though the characters themselves were ripping through the canvas. Every character he depicts, whether male or female, are equal in strength, evoking emotion, thought, and the viewer to wonder how the scene might play out. Growing up, his name was echoed in my neighborhood of Brooklyn as the kid that made it. I’ve always looked up to him as a fellow Brooklynite, a fellow gearhead, fellow comic book lover, and the cameraderie that he and his group of artists friends had was about encouraging one another to be better.

Zack Petroc:
I worked with Zack Petroc when we were both invited to do consulting work with Hasbro. I was already familiar with Zack’s art at the time, as he was leading anatomy workshops. His immense knowledge of human anatomy and consistent contributions to the art community with his digital workshops is inspirational. While working with Zack, we developed a great working relationship and a personal friendship. We’ve continued to be good friends, sharing our works and thoughts with one another.