It’s been a short while of busy happenings since my last post about the Rock Series, which I’ll be continuing shortly. One of the things I did recently was wrap up an exciting consulting opportunity with Boston Scientific, where I led some progressive training sessions for them. It’s so exciting to see how they utilize emerging digital solutions to help so many people in the health community.

As I rolled off the trainings, I jumped right into Finals with my students for the Digital Sculpting class. So, this is somewhat a slight intermission for the blog posts. And, once Finals wrap up, I’ll continue with the project-based lessons that I mapped out for my class, along with some other posts that I plan to share.

If you happen to be in the Northeast, the weather reports are shaping to be a really great week of much needed sunny, warm weather. And for those in the art community, what a great time to be able to grab the camera for photo references, and even do some life drawings, character studies, and gesture studies.


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